Santa's Top Ten Things Parents Need to Know

   Moms and dads are always asking me what they can do to have their child ready when they come to see me, so I have put together my top ten list!

  1. The earlier you visit me in the season, the more time I'll have to visit with you.

  2. The first 30 seconds on my lap are often the best opportunity for a great photo.

  3. For your child's safety, parents should place their child in my arms.

  4. Make sure your childs legs are positioned for the camera. they should never straddle my leg. Make sure both legs are placed together.

  5. Toddlers are often apprehensive when approaching me (and why not? I'm a stranger!) If the whole family joins in the photo, fears are generally alleviated and great memories are captured!

  6. If your child doesn't want to set on my lap, you and your child are welcome to sit on my chair while I stand behind you for the photo.

  7. To delay tears, keep your toddler's attention on you until you have placed the child in my lap. This allows my photographer the opportunity to take the photo. Alas, if tears spill, remember they make a great memory too!

  8. If your child seems afraid, hand him/her to me backwards, keep eye contact and talk in a calm, reassuring voice as you back away from us.

  9. Please explain to your child that Santa needs to take a quick break now and again to feed my reindeer.

  10. As Christmas approaches, the lines will get longer. Please be patient as I want to create a magical moment for everyone who comes to see me!